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Local Plentywood, MT florist
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. (10 reviews)

While i have not spoken to the family I do appreciate the emails and confirmation of the shipment - thanks

It is the absolute most beautiful floral arrangement I have ever received!! The added "pluses", greenery are outstanding, as well. The young lady who delivered this was gracious, cute as a button, and served it with a hug!! Flower Box is a great asset to our community! Well done!!!! Gladys Robertson

Flowers were beautiful and delivered very timely on a short notice. My wife was extremely happy. Thanks

Beautiful arrangement arrived at work. It really brightened up my day and the flowers stayed lovely for days.

The flowers were perfect. The service was great. Thanks so much!

the flowers arrived and were very very nice!

I was really appreciative of the service! They didn't have the plant I chose online but called me within minutes and had an alternate plant available and had it delivered on the same day!

Very good job, liked what I got for my money. Thank You

Thanks--mom said the arrangement was beautiful.

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